“If you wear your leggings, they will come…”

Rock P.


The Karma Kameleons are without a doubt the Pop-Rock group of a decade. The 80s. Even when they suddenly disappeared in 1981, they managed to leave a memorable legacy that influenced an entire generation of musicians of all kinds. Rock or Pop, no one knew better than the Karma Kameleons what was going to rock the planet.

They were imitated, copied and reproduced by many renowned artists, and, what’s more, were revered by scholars. Many of these stars took advantage of their disappearance to appropriate their successes and it was often these versions that reached your ears first.

But know this: Those who marked you were first marked by the Karma Kameleons.

November 28, 1981

A terrible, rather mysterious event has sent the entire world’s artistic colony into turmoil. Indeed, Rock Pichett, Joe Jones, Shun Young, Jack Hackett and Randy Rebel from the very famous group “Karma Kameleons” have disappeared!
Witnesses at the scene claim that the incident occurred during a sound check that the group was performing at Madison Square Garden.

Remember that the group dominates charts around the world with its catchy and catchy songs.
Here are some comments collected on the spot:

“Did they disappear? (Ta…!) Those guys were the coolest. » – Prince
“What will we become without them?!” » – Duran Duran
“We were like brothers!” » – The Thompson Twins
“Twice well done!! » – Boy George


Crazy rumors are circulating that the group was projected 20 years into the future!! Or in Quebec, in 2001!

Just imagine! Having the chance to see “Karma Kameleons” live in 20 years…